Dark Landscape 畫話

Dark Landscape is an experimental horror short. Screenings, festivals, and other news will be announced on this page.

Written and Directed By:    Nick Vaky

Produced By:    Wu Wan Ru    Nick Vaky    Luke Liu     Archie Hu

A Mint Volcano Production

Cinematographer:     Luke Liu

Music by Levi Patton

Sound Design:    Andrew Ford

Genre: Narrative Horror / Live Action Short

Color | Digital Video

Stereo | 24 fps

Mandarin Chinese | English Subtitles

Filmed in Taiwan

About the Film – Two women followed by a dark painting. A man obsessed with past love. The unconscious mind has trapped three people in a thought loop they do not understand and cannot escape. Even though the world they currently exist in is a fantasy, the harm they are able to inflict on each other in this half-awake state is real and long-lasting. Just like the painting that follows them, the dark landscape of their dreams has blurred and faded the lines of reality. All they know is that something is amiss, and none of them is in control.