About Nick Vaky

Nick Vaky (韋齊修) is a writer, director, and editor living and working in Taipei, Taiwan.  His films cover a wide range of topics: love and loss, labor and environmental rights, horrific and surreal experiences, and every piece is rooted in the central drama of the human experience and the complexities of interpersonal relationships.

Nick’s feature documentary “I Have It Maid” (2013) screened for multiple years as part of the program at the Taiwan International Labor Festival. His narrative horror short, “Midnight Snack” (2013) premiered at Another Hole in The Head Genre Festival in San Francisco and Nick has had multiple shorts screen at festivals such as Crypticon Seattle (2014), the Urban Nomad (2015), Kaleidoscope LGBTQ+ Film Festival (2015), Green Planet Barcelona (2019) and more.  Most recently Nick’s short “Everything Rises” won Best Picture and Best Cinematography at the Taipei 48hr Film Project (2019), was an official selection at Filmapalooza (2020) in Rotterdam where it won Best Choreography and was one of twelve films selected from that program to be taken to the Cannes Short Film Corner as part of a special screening with the 48hr Festival for 2020.

Nick是一名長年旅居台灣的導演、作者、影片創作者,他的作品廣泛,從愛的探討到怪誕驚悚甚至是超現實的演繹,都是他所探索的題材。Nick的經歷豐富,從2013執導的作品”快跑36小時”首度於台灣勞工影展播映,同年另一部作品”宵夜”也於舊金山”Another Hole in The Head Genre Festival”首映登場。此外Nick的作品也陸陸續續參與國際電影相關盛大活動如Crypticon Seattle (2014)、 the Urban Nomad (2015)、Kaleidoscope LGBTQ+ Film Festival (2015) Green Planet Barcelona (2019) 等等。

近期他所帶領團隊製作的短片”Everything Rises”贏得2019台北48小時電影節的首獎——最佳影片獎以及最佳電影攝影獎,更代表台灣前往荷蘭鹿特丹逐獎Filmapalooza (2020),最後於全球152部作品中獲得最佳動作設計獎並入選參與2020坎城影展短片單元選片。

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