Short Films – 短片的作品

Short work filmed in Florence, Italy (2017)

Growing Slow – Music Video produced for the band Psychedelic Doom Metal Band Fogdweller.

Hell Is Where My Friends Are – Official Selection at the Urban Nomad Film Festival 2015
Official Selection at an Anti-Hero Production Genre Fest 2015
Official Selection at the Corto Imola Film Festival 2014
Nicholas Vaky (2014)

Good Morning – Official Selection at Kaleidoscope LGBT Film Festival 2015
Nicholas Vaky 2014

Midnight Snack – Official Selection at Another Hole in the Head International Genre Festival 2013
Official Selection at Crypticon Seattle 2014
Nicholas Vaky 2013

Not in My Bar – 2014

Help – Nicholas Vaky 2014

Signals Not Received 市聲如浪湧入耳朵 – Top 20 finalist in Canon EOS short film competition at the Kaohsiung Film Festival 2012
Nicholas Vaky 2012

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