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Travel Videos

On a recent trip to Prague I realized I need to film more so I put together this visual poem. More of these come.


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Butternut Deluxe Podcast

I’ve started hosting a podcast, doing film reviews, and creating content over at


More Screenings of Hell Is Where My Friends Are! 《我朋友都在地獄》要重播!

Newest Screenings!

Screening with Urban Nomad (Animation: Beta Waves)
6/18 THU. 19:00 at 新竹影像博物館 Image Museum of Hsinchu City (total 200 seats )
Times TBA at 台中 國立台灣美術館  National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts  – 2/F Media Art Center  (total 50 seats)

Screening at Anti-Hero Production Genre Fest
Times TBA


I’m pretty proud of this little slice of insanity – original (face melting) music by Jesse Fisher and Mateo Trombini. Look for the movie at whatever festivals it can get into. The first screening was at Corto Imola Festival 2014.

Paritonea Problems Lead to Cool Animation

I recently found out I have Cancer. A giant tumor (10 cm) inside my Paritoneal cavity.
Besides being the most frightening thing that’s ever happened to me. I also thought this
would be good inspiration for a short film, an animation, which I’ve been becoming more
and more interested in lately.