Film Review: Rigor Mortis 電影評論:殭屍

As a horror movie fan, I loved Rigor Mortis 殭屍, as a filmmaker
and a writer I was annoyed to death by it. There is something extremely
frustrating about a movie with potential that doesn’t quite hit the mark,
I was rooting for this movie all the way until it’s ending, which as
endings go is probably one of the worst I’ve ever seen.

This isn’t to say there aren’t some amazing moments, the acting is fantastic,
the cinematography is clean and well executed, the shooting location is haunting,
and the atmosphere created in each individual scene is truly scary; for a horror buff
the movie is gold. The problem comes with the story: I get the feeling they were
writing as they went because there is a lot about this movie that was just
thrown together (*cough, the last minute and a half, *cough *cough). The biggest
problem is that the different plots of each character (and there are a lot) never
really connect in a meaningful way, the result is that the audience is given a
platter of amazing horror movie scenes but not a complete movie, or even a story
that’s really worth trying to understand. I want to be positive about the
Hong Kong movie scene, especially works by new directors, so I say support this
movie and go check it out. I look forward to this guy’s next movie wherein
hopefully he’ll have ironed out his story issues.


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