Instant Karma(Shortly Made Short Episode 1 短時間短片第一集)

An excellent cameraman (Luke Liu) and I recently started working together.
We went out for an hour to shoot a small sequence just to get accustomed to the
other’s working style and we came up with this short film (one hour to shoot
about 2 or 3 to edit).

最近我跟一個很棒的攝影師開始合作。 為了要了解彼此的工作風格,我們利用一個小時拍了一部短片,

I liked the results so much we’re going to try and get a bi-weekly,
“shortly made short” going so we can hone our skills and make some cool
media in the process.


Instant Karma

Nicholas Vaky and Luke Liu 2013

Written by Nick Vaky

Currently living in Taipei, Taiwan making movies.
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