Found Footage At Archive.Org is a ones-top (free) shop for public domain videos. For anyone who
doesn’t know, public domain works are works whose copyright has expired
rendering them available for use. is full of cartoons, educational videos, and just plain weird shit.
Most of the public domain videos are really old so they have a certain “flavor”
that doesn’t suit all uses, but say for example your filming a scene and you need a
child to be watching a cartoon in the background (Yes, Disney can sue you even if the
stolen footage is in the background). Well there’s a bunch of bizarro public domain
cartoons you can find at the Archive. You’re welcome.

我找到了一個非常厲害的網站叫ARCHIVE.ORG ,裡面有很多免費的 ,沒版權的影片。
這些影片都是很久以前拍的,所以都是“public domain”.
“Public Domain”的意思就是那個影片已經超過授權時間所以如果你想使用,
比方說你要拍一幕是一個小朋友在家裡看卡通,當然不能隨便使用Disney 新拍的卡通,
這時就可以在ARCHIVE .ORG下載很多舊的卡通,雖然年代久遠但卻是免費的
「耳目一新 」的感覺。

However, be careful not ALL films at the archive are public domain. Look out
for the heading “all rights are reserved” and double check the terms and conditions
of any video you download.

不過在使用這個網站時,還要注意若影片要標示「All rights are reserved」

Check out this short compilation made entirely of footage found at


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