Study on the Impact of Sound 音樂在電影裡的影響

Many films and most television shows employ certain tried and true techniques of
manipulating audiences and the main offender of this is often the musical score.
There is nothing wrong with using a musical score to manipulate audiences,
manipulation is what filmmaking is all about, however, there is something more
organic about films that resist standard tropes in search of more, for lack of a
better word, genuine filmmaking methods.

很多電影跟電視節目會使用一些類似的規格。 最明顯的是電影的配樂。我並不是認為

The video below gives a comparison of a scene where the audio is either ambient noise
or music. I imagine most people will consider the use of music makes the scene more
effective as it is something we’ve come to expect in media. I find I prefer the use
ambient noise more and more, because it doesn’t tell the audience what to feel.

這星期的影片會比對兩個部份, 一個會有音樂 ,一個只有環境音。我覺得大部份的
人會喜歡有配樂的,因為已經習慣大眾化的電影。 而我自己比較喜歡環境音,因為讓人
有一種微妙的 感覺。

I think there is something to the bare bones filmmaking movements of the past,
like Dogme 95, which seek to resist overly used filmmaking techniques in an effort to
create more a realistic and genuine type of cinema. Dogme 95 in particular fizzled out,
I believe, because they totally disregarded aesthetics in their “manifesto” but I think
there is a happy medium to be had.

像是之前有一個團體(Dogme 95 ) 專門拍攝這種呈現真實感的電影不過他們不在乎

Please leave a comment sharing your opinion on the use of music vs. ambient noise
in this clip or in films in general, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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