Practical Lighting (How to Use an Analog Light Meter) 使用一個測光表

如果要拍攝獨立電影用錄影機拍會比較便宜,所以拍獨立電影的人很少會用測光表通常是用底片拍的人才需要 。

The last video I made about using household light bulbs for your low-budget movies
had a light meter in it and someone asked me how it worked. Light meters would usually
not be used for something more low budget because your probably going to be shooting on
video and light meters are used to measure the light needed to properly expose film.

(看你的 “f-stop”)。

However if one day you do decide to shoot a few rolls of film (and develop it in your
bathtub or whatever) you’ll need to use light meter before you even start rolling to make
sure you set your aperture to the correct “f-stop”.


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