Practical Lighting (Introduction) – 業餘燈泡拍專業電影(第一集)

When shooting film and video, lighting is perhaps one of the most
important elements you have to consider, however professional lighting
equipment is extremely expensive.

Most filmmakers stand by the mantra that professional lighting
can only be achieved through professional lighting equipment,
to an extent they aren’t wrong however for us (broke ass) independent
filmmakers creative use of household lights (practical lighting)
can often result in beautifully lit scenes. I have a soft spot
in my heart for using cheap methods to nicely light my movies
(it makes me feel like a resourceful badass).

So I’m making a series dedicated to practical lighting for film and video,
so independent filmmakers in Taiwan can learn how to use household lights
to make interesting and professional (looking) lighting set ups.



This is the first in a series so this video simply introduces the different
lighting you can expect to get from household light bulbs and offers some tips
about which kind are best suited for use in your video or film project.


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